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School hours

The school grounds are unsupervised before 8.00am and, after the departure of the school bus in the afternoon. Please contact us should your child need to be in the school grounds during unsupervised times. These procedures are important to safe-guard the welfare of your child/ren.

Students arriving on the school bus are to sit and wait quietly in the under covered area until 8.15am. The best time for other students to arrive is at 8.30am. After school, bus students have supervised play until 3.35pm when they are then required to sit quietly in the bus waiting area until the bus arrives.

Daily timetable

​Time ​Activity
​8.30am ​First bell. Morning fitness.
​8.45am ​Morning session commences.
​10.00am ​Fruit break (toilet, hands, fruit) - 5 minutes.
​11.00am ​Morning tea - eating and play.
​11.30am ​Second session commences.
​1.00pm ​Lunch break - eating and play.
​1.45pm ​Afternoon session commences.
​3.00pm ​Final bell.

Fruit break

At 10.00am all classes take a short break. This enables students to go to the toilet, have a drink and eat a small portion of fruit. This break benefits all students, in particular, the younger students. It helps them establish a routine and breaks the longer morning session.

Students are only allowed to eat fruit during this break – no muesli bars or sandwiches. Small portions of apple, strawberries, watermelon, apricots etc. make an ideal snack.